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The Anophelines of India  (Revised Edition) by T Ramachandra Rao, 1984

Community Participation for Disease Vector Control- Proceedings of the ICMR/WHO Workshop to Review Research Results, 1986

Seroepidemiology of Human Malaria- A Multicentric Study, 1989

Forest Malaria in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Informal Consultative Meeting, WHO/MRC, 1991

Indigenous Larvivorous Fishes of India by Prof. AGK Menon, 1991

Community Participation in Malaria Control-edited by VP Sharma, 1993 )

Larvivorous Fishes of Inland ecosystem- Proceedings of the MRC-CICFRI Workshop, New Delhi, 1994

A Profile of National Institute of Malaria Research

Malaria Parasite Bank: A National Repository

Integrated Disease Vector Control Project: A Profile

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